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Dots is a no-code bot builder that helps mods build great member experiences in their Discord servers, and understand member insights.

Dots is a powerful no-code automation builder used by prominent Discord servers such as the NBA, Chainlink, Splice and Braintrust!

We help folks scale their communities on Discord by automating common tasks like onboarding new members, providing customer support, and discovering insights on your most valuable members.

The product consists of:

🤖 a no-code bot builder: You can pick a trigger (e.g when a user joins a community, or when they click a button), and define various actions to fire off after (e.g. send a message, send a survey, assign roles). You can think about it like Typeform for Discord, but on steroids!

📈 deep member analytics: Tag members into segments directly from Discord and identify key community members (or members about to churn)

Here’s a quick 3 min demo on how you can create a rich automation in Dots:

If you run a Discord, we would love, love, love your feedback! You can sign up at https://app.dots.community/signup with no credit card required. We have a broad free tier and our paid pricing starts at $29 / month and up for more advanced features and very large communities.

Join our Discord to see a flow in action (or hang out with other 400+ Discord mods!)

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.