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Roblox profile bot, run a command and see a users profile and other basic roblox commands.
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What is Drimbot?

The most advanced bot which shows Roblox information such as user profiles from the comfort of discord!

Drimbot is constantly updated to make sure we proved the smoothest and best experience for you! With an ever growing community, new commands and features are added.

Type ehelp for a list of available commands!

Type ehelp command_name for a detailed description of a command or check below.


  • Lookup Roblox users and see their rap, last online date and more!
  • Other various Roblox lookup commands.
  • Unlock themes and have different embed colours for each command.
  • Fun commands for when you’re bored.


For all commands visit: https://drimbot.herokuapp.com/commands or ehelp

Command Description Usage
profile Lookup user information: online date, etc eprofile Roblox
useravatar Lookup user full body image euseravatar Roblox
game Lookup information about a Roblox game: last updated, etc egame Jailbreak
latestbadge Shows the latest badge the user has got elatest badge Drimpetuous
firstbadge Shows the first badge the user has got efirstbadge badge Drimpetuous
outfits Shows users outfit names and their id’s eoutfits Roblox
viewoutfit View roblox outfit image by outfit id eviewoutfit 1234567
groupicon Get a roblox groups icon by either name or id groupicon
gamelatestbadge View roblox games latest badge, see created date and last updated egamelatestbadge Jailbreak
gamefirstbadge View roblox games first badge, see created date and last updated egamefirstbadge Jailbreak
prefix Change servers prefix eprefix !
rightness Check how right you are out of 100% erightness
sadness Check how sad you are out of 100% esadness
trivia Random multiple choice trivia questions etrivia
support Invite to support server esupport
suggest Suggest ideas from bot esuggest This command
report Report issues and bugs with the bot ereport Profile command is broken!

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