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Prefix: -s
Created by: oshrin_wolf#0001
Short link: discord.ly/easiestbot
A simple bot with useful commands! such as moderation commands, fun command and images commands and more!
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EasiestBot is a Discord bot created with Discord.js V12!

This bot has many useful functions such:

  • Ban
  • Unban
  • Kick
  • Mute
  • Poll
  • Clear
    And a lot more things!
    The bot also has fun commands such as jokes commands etc

The bot has images commands!

I think the bot is really helpful to these users who want a simple bot without over 100 commands.

I will make updates in the future! The bot is called “EasiestBot”, because of the functions it has!

-s help || It will show you the list of commands