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Invite EggLord Bot to your server and enjoy its Music, Logging, Leveling and Moderation commands. Get the full EggLord Discord Bot guide now!

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EggLord Discord Bot Described:

A multi-purpose bot that does many things; including music, logging, leveling and moderation.
  • Music
    • Supports music formats from Youtube, Spotify & Soundcloud. (more to come soon)
    • Search from lyrics provided by KSOFT.API.
    • Ability to bassboost your music.
    • Loop queue and/or song.
    • A total of 18 commands.
  • Moderation
    • Clear (purge) messages.
    • Ban, Kick & Warn misbehaving members.
    • Auto-moderation feature.
    • Change nicknames of other members.
    • Report and ticket system implemented.
    • A total of 11 commands.
  • Ranking System
    • Gain XP from sending messages.
    • XP multiplier.
    • Exempt Channels and/or roles from gaining XP.
    • Leaderboard system implemented.
  • Logging system
    • Log member leave/join
    • Channel create, delete & update.
    • Role create, delete & update.
    • Emoji create, delete & update.
    • Member (un)bans.
    • Member updates. (nickname, role)
    • Message (un)reactions.
    • Message update & deletion.
    • A total of 20 events.
  • Fun / Miscellaneous
    • Look up profile stats on Fortnite, Rainbow 6, steam & instagram.
    • Search for random images, memes & facts.
    • Flip a coin.
    • Random number generator.
    • Look up facts about pokemon.
    • Get some random advice.
    • Play some mingigames:
      • Rock, Paper, Scissor.
      • More to come soon.
    • A total of 23 commands.
  • Image
    • Create fake captcha, clyde, Pornhub comments & twitter tweets.
    • Bluripfy/Deepfry your images.
    • Create memes:
      • Change my mind
      • Who would win
      • Threats
      • ships
    • Create QR codes.
    • Look at pictures of dogs and cats.
    • A total of 14 commands.
  • Server stuff
    • Look up the icons on the users and server.
    • Create polls & giveaways.
    • Look up information on a role, user and server.
    • A total of 10 commands.
Upcoming features
  • Currently working on a shiny new dashboard (updates to repo will be slowed down while this happens).
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add EggLord Discord Bot to my server?

You can add EggLord to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add EggLord Discord Bot' on this page.

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