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An useful Musical/Searching purpose bot, including playing youtube songs, google searching and moderation tools with fun utilities.
El Boto!
Even wondered “Hey, i want to help little developers take their rights into this big world?”
Well, now you can! :feelsgood:
For every command, type the prefix: $commandname
Bot too cool? Don’t worry! this Bot is hosted via cloud and it’s running 24/7.
Commands help? type $help into Discord.
Add to your server!
This simple discord bot will help and aid in basic features like:
    Join: simple as it seems: make the bot join the channel. -> $join
    Leave: you won’t believe: make the bot leave the channel. -> $leave
    Play and search songs from youtube -> $play ‘songname’
    Song’s queue management (adding songs while one’s currently playing will add to the queue)
    Skip song functionality: bored of the songs played by other? skip it. -> $skip
    Queue status for checking which song it’s actually queued. -> $qstatus
    Stop function to make the player stop playing. (whoa) -> $stop
    Volume adjust function to adjust the volume (too high for you, newbie?) -> $volume ‘volumeintensity’
    Pause and resume function: they do what you expect. -> $pause // $resume
    Note: to let the bot act as a music player, you need to invite him to the Channel. Type $join once the bot is online to make him join the channel.
    Why open a browser when you comfortably do this on your discord channel?
    Searching features include(TEXT PAGE by default):
    Searching page by name (returns: most-top occurrence) -> $src
    Searching a video, returning the most-top occurrence of that video on youtube. -> $srcvideo ‘name’<br>
    Moderation tool that allows an Admin to perform roles and kicks action. To use this functionality, the server creator must create a role named LORD with admin features, and add this role to himself.
    Set default role: whenever a new user will join your channel, a default role will be assigned. -> $setdefrole ‘ROLE NAME’ (Note: everytime your bot will leave your server, you’ll need to do that again.
    Addrole: add an existing role to one of the member of the server. -> $addrole @member ‘ROLE NAME’
    Removerole: remove an existing role from one of the member of the server. -> $removerole @member ‘ROLE NAME’
    Print roles: want to show everyone how creative you are? print your roles into che channel! -> $printroles
    Kick: the ol’ nice kick. Kick someone from the server! -> $kick @someone<br>
    Offend people with the command $offence, and take a laugh. -> $offence ‘Someone’
    Dice roll isn’t only on World of Warcraft: win dispute with your friend launching your dice! -> $droll ‘diceface’ (default dice: 6, diceface can be any number).
    Test Bot: well, you want to check if your bot is alive, don’t you? -> $test ‘echotest’
    Info: get info about the creator (That’s me!)-> $info
Hope you’ll enjoy!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.