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Invite Elimina Bot to your server and use its powerful Deletion and Image Snipe commands to clean up your Discord server. Discord Bot.

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Elimina Discord Bot Described:

A bot that deletes other bot messages in selected channels after X number of seconds! Also has image snipe!

Elimina is a discord bot that can automatically delete messages from bots after an X number of seconds (set by an administrator) in selected (toggled on) channels.

Elimina can also show you the most recently deleted message. It will show you the most recently deleted message, or image using the ~snipe command. To use the snipe command, you must have either administrator permissions, or have a role called Sniper. We made the snipe feature like this because we believe that only the selected people should have the ability to snipe messages.

Please keep in mind that the bot has to have access to read the channel inoroder to work.

All messages from Elimina are deleted after 1 minute in toggled on channels


~info:To see information about Elimina and how Elimina is set up in your server. This command will let you view toggled on channels, and ignored bots.

~invite : To invite Elimina to your server

~help: To see a list of commands

~editsnipe : To show the last message edited by a user within a minute on the same channel.

Commands below require special permissions

~purge <optional: number of messages>: deletes a default of 20 messages sent by bots, or an x number of messages sent by the command. Requires manage message permissions.

~toggle: Activates a channel to have bot messages deleted after x number of seconds. Requires administrator permissions.

~timer <number of seconds>: To change the time of the messages being deleted. Default is 5 seconds, meaning that messages from bots are deleted after 5 seconds in toggled on channels. Min time is 1 second, and max is 300 seconds (5 mintues). Requires administrator permissions.

~ignore <@bot>: Add or remove bots from the Server’s white list. Messages sent by white-listed bots will not be deleted by Elimina. This is useful if you have a welcome bot. Requires administrator permissions.

~snipe: View the most recently deleted text, or image message. Requires administrator permissions or a role called Sniper.

~imgsnipe: To enable/disable sniping of images using the snipe command. Requires administrator permissions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Elimina Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Elimina to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Elimina Discord Bot' on this page.

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