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Ender bot is a multipurpose bot, made to target both programmers, and moderation
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Ender Bot is a multipurpose Bot destined to target both programmers, and moderation. Made with some of the fastest code around, Ender is made for efficiency when running a command.

programmer useful commands:

  • //brainf : evaluate brainf*** code
  • //jseval : partially broken javascript evaluation
  • //server-info : Get info about a server
  • //user-info : coming soon :P
  • //wget : coming soon :P

mod commands will be arriving someday, to access them early, make sure to run //beta as an admin!

All Commands

//brainf       :: compile brainfuck ( beta testing! )
//jseval       :: Evaluate Javascript!
//server-info  :: Info About thy server
//support      :: get the support server in your server list!
//purge        :: purge the channel of your burdens! <MANAGE MESSAGES REQUIRED>
//leave-server :: leave a server! <ADMIN ONLY -> this command makes ***ender*** leave the server, not the user.>
//conf         :: Define per-guild settings.
//help         :: Display help for a command.
//info         :: Provides some information about this bot.
//invite       :: Displays the invite link of the bot, to invite it to your guild.
//ping         :: Runs a connection test to Discord.
//stats        :: Provides some details about the bot and stats.
//beta         :: Join the beta program! <ADMIN ONLY>
//userconf     :: Define per-user settings.
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