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Get the essentials bot for your server with invite link and all the commands you need! Discover the power of the essentials Discord Bot.

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Essentials Discord Bot Described:

the bot with all your commands you need for your server!

<p>The Essentials Bot is a bot where you contain all the things you want in the server.</p>

<h2>Set up</h2>
<p>Invite the bot to your server by pressing HERE.
do you want to change your prefix do!prefix [new prefix]</p>

<h2>Contact & bug report</h2>
<p>send a e-mail to [email protected].</p>

<p>Need help with the bot? No problem, we have a Discord help server click HERE to view it. Any other issues? send an email to [email protected].</p>

<ul><li>!prefix [new prefix]: Set a new prefix.</li>
<li>!cc [command] [text]: Set your own commands.</li>
<li>!8ball [vraag]: Geeft antwoord op al je vragen.</li>
<li>!announce [announcement] [channelID]: Announce things in dedicated channels.</li>
<li>!avatar [mention]: Show people’s avatar.</li>
<li>!giveaway [time] [channel] [prize]: Make a giveaway.</li>
<li>!vote: Check if you voted!</li>
<li>!meme: Show a random meme.</li>
<li>!poll [channel] [poll]: Create a poll.</li>
<li>!reddit [subreddit]: Show a random photo of a subreddit.</li>
<li>!say [message]: The bot says what you typed.</li>
<li>!trivia: A random question where 1 answer is correct.</li>
<li>!ping: Show the ping speed.</li>
<li>!report [mention] [reason]: Send a message to the reports channel and report the person.</li>
<li>!warn [mention] [reason]: Warn a person in the server.</li>
<li>!warns [mention]: Show all warns for a person.</li>
<li>!rradd [channel id] [role id] [emoji]: Create reaction roles.</li>
<li>!emoji: Show all the emois that the server has.</li>
<li>!slowmode [seconds]: Set a timer for how many messages you can send.</li>
<li>!clear [amount]: Delete messages in a specific channel.</li>
<li>!timer [time]: Set a timer for a specific time.</li>
<li>!about: All information about this bot.</li>
<li>!useramount: Indicates how many people are in the server.</li></ul>

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Essentials Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Essentials to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Essentials Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: e! (customisable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: PieterSpruijt#5136