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An upcoming discord bot currently provides Moderation & Fun.
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FireBoxy 2.0

Hello! I’m FireBoxy 2.0, a bot developed by Abstract World#9222. My main purpose is to bring futuristic features to a server and to help server owners to manage their server in an advanced way.


My command prefix is: &

Command Information Usage
Help Shows list of commands or can show advice on using command. &help
Ping Checks bot connection. &ping
Serverinfo Gives information about the server. &serverinfo
Userinfo Gives information on the user of choice. &userinfo <@user>
Botinfo Information of bot and creator. &botinfo
Roles Shows list of all the roles in the server &roles
Ban Ban user of choice. &Ban <@user>
Unban Unban specified user &unban <user-id>
Clear Deletes number of messages from a channel from past 14 days. &clear <1-100>
Membercount Counts number of Users/Bots. &membercount or &mc
Nick Change the nickname of server member. &nick <@user> <new-nickname>
Addrole Give role to a user &addrole <@user> <role-name>
8ball Shake the 8ball to answer your deepest questions. &8ball <question>
Coinflip Flip a coin for you. &coinflip or &cf
Emojify Converts inputted text into emojies &emojify <text>
Gay Gay meter, see how much gay someone is. &gay <@user>
Meme Posts random meme. &meme
Cat Posts random cat image. &cat
Dog Posts random dog image. &dog
Say Repeats/Resend a message that was inputted to a channel &say <text>
Dice Rolls dice gives you a random number from 1-6. &dice
Slots Test your luck and spin some slots. &slots
Avatar Get a closer look at someone’s avatar &avatar <@user>
Ascii Convert text into ASCII. &ascii <text>
Simpleembed Make a small quick embed. &simpleembed <Title|Description>
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