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A fishing simulation RPG within Discord. Make your way to the top by catching the largest fish!
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➤ Featuring dozens of unique species (and more to come), of 5 different possible rarities.

➤ 60+ unique purchasable baits, each attracting a specific set of fish species.

➤ An energy system that helps mitigate the usage of bots to gain ingame advantages.

➤ Randomly generated fish weight upon being caught. Each species has its own weight leaderboard!

➤ Selection of up to 6 featured caught fish and a custom title to be displayed in your player’s profile.

➤ Global and server-wide leaderboards of currency, experience/level, net worth, caught fish and largest fish.

➤ Experience & currency systems.

➤ Upgradable fishing rods and vessels, for up to 12 tiers, each giving increasingly better experience, currency and energy efficiency modifiers.

And more to come!
Use the /help command to learn how to play!

This bot does not require any special permissions, however, due to a Discord bug, it requires the @everyone role of your server to have the “Use External Emoji” permission, as well as any channel you’d like it to work in, for its custom emojis to work.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.