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Full Fivem Server Status Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Roleplay commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Fivem Server Status Discord Bot Described:

This Discord bot is designed to interact with a FiveM server—a popular third-party multiplayer service for Grand Theft Auto V

This Discord bot is designed to interact with a FiveM server—a popular third-party multiplayer service for Grand Theft Auto V. The bot integrates with Discord servers to provide real-time information about the FiveM server’s status, player count, and other details directly in the Discord interface. Here’s a breakdown of its primary features and functionalities:

Real-Time Server Information:

The bot fetches and displays the current number of players, their roles (like police, ambulance, and mechanic), and other relevant server information. This data is updated periodically based on the interval set by the server admin.
Dynamic Configuration Commands:

Set IP and Port (/setipport): Configures the IP address and port of the FiveM server for the bot to fetch data from.
Set Channel (/setchannel): Designates a specific Discord channel where the bot will post updates.
Set Interval (/setinterval): Adjusts the frequency at which the bot fetches and posts server data.
Set Thumbnail (/setthumbnail): Sets a custom thumbnail for the embed messages that display player information.
Immediate Data Requests:

Players (/players): Manually triggers an immediate update of player information.
Utility and Customization Commands:

Help (/help): Lists all available commands and their functions.
Set Language (/setlanguage): Changes the language of the bot’s responses (supports English and Hungarian).
Server Count (/servercount): Displays the number of Discord servers the bot is currently active in.
Set Nickname (/setnickname): Sets a custom nickname for the bot within a Discord server.
Spawn Vehicle (/spawnvehicle): Commands the server to spawn a specified vehicle for a specified player ID.
Set Server Name (/setservername): Sets a custom name for the FiveM server, which appears in the bot’s messages.
Deployment and Operation
The bot runs continuously, checking the server status at defined intervals and automatically updating the designated Discord channel with the latest data.
Server admins can configure and customize the bot’s settings using simple slash commands directly within Discord.
Use Case Scenarios
Gaming Communities: Enhance engagement by providing live updates and interactive features related to the FiveM server directly within the community’s Discord server.
Server Administration: Helps server admins to monitor server activity and respond to changes without having to be directly logged into the FiveM server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Fivem Server Status Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Fivem Server Status to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Fivem Server Status Discord Bot' on this page.

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