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A bot for all the foodies out there, add food bot to your server and enjoy its delicacies!
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Quick Description

  • FoodBot consists of everything food-related such as recipes, images of food, nutrition information, utility commands and features such as nsfw related commands, development has been smooth so far and more things are coming including improvements to existing commands all of which will be a guaranteed success, join our server for more information such as the bot’s status, more information on how to use it and support! The prefix for this bot is “-”, as for its commands, simply do -help to find out how to use FoodBot.


Food Commands

  • -food
  • -foodiemeter
  • -food spin
  • -food pic(s)
  • -food quote(s)
  • -foodfight “user”
  • -snacklist
  • -nutrition “search”
  • -lookup “food name” <- gets a picture of basically anything, meant to search up food.

Utility Commands

  • Role Related

    • -createrole “role name”
    • -delrole “role”
    • -addrole “role” “user”
    • -removerole “role” “user”
  • Channel Related

    • -tempchannel “time in minutes” “channel name”
    • -tempvc “time in minutes” “channel name”
    • -createchannel “channel name”
    • -delchannel “channel”
    • -renamechannel “channel” “new name”
    • -delvc “voice channel”
    • -createvc “channel name”
  • Emoji Related

    • -createemoji “image link” “emoji name”
    • -deleteemoji “emoji”
  • Info Related

    • -serverinfo
    • -userinfo
    • -avatar

Fun Commands

  • -EmbedAnnounce “channel” “message”
  • -Announce “channel” “message”
  • -FoodFight
  • -8ball “question”
  • -CoinFlip
  • -FoodieMeter
  • -RPS (Rock Paper Scissors)
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.