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A bot that serves the purpose for all that you need related to football - from searching up football players to clubs!
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The bot contains all the required data and commands that are related to the current footballing world:

!fifa gives you all the data you need about the FIFA card of the player (FUT 21)
!search_player shows you all the data about the player
!search_club gives you all the data about the club

And, the best part, and the most unique part of the bot, a trivia game!

!gtp will give you the career path of the player, using which you can play a trivia game to guess the player being given!
- 5 leagues: Top 5 leagues - Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.
- 7 Leagues: Top 5 Leagues and Hero Indian Super league and the Hyundai A League.

!set_prefix - changes prefix
Forgot what the prefix of the bot in your guild is? Nothing to worry. Just mention the bot (as @Football Scorer), and the bot will come to your rescue!
The bot will expand with time, so keep your eyes on the look for the newer updates!

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