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Created by: Maanex#8085
Short link: discord.ly/freestuff
A highly customizable Discord Bot that brings news about free games right into your server! Supports every major platform.

FreeStuff Bot

With this bot you’ll get informed about all the free games out there.

  • Easy to set up
  • Choose one of many different themes to change how the messages look
  • Apply filter to control which types of games will be announced
  • No unnecessary features

With free games, we do not mean games that are always free / free to play. This bot will only announce games that are usually paid, but have a 100% discount for a limited amount of time.

Getting started:

  • Invite the bot
  • Type @FreeStuff set channel #channel to tell the bot in which channel it should announce the games
  • Do a quick @Freestuff test to test if everything is working correctly
  • Optional: Customize the bot’s behaviour. Click here for more info

Have you found a free game, we haven’t found yet? Let us know!