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A multipurpose furry bot, for all your multipurpose needs
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A multipurpose furry bot, for all your needs

Frostbyte is a new Discord bot, built by a furry, for others to use for moderation, utility, fun and more. Frostbyte is still early in development but has features/will have features many bots do not, like NSFW image detection, raid detection, hate speech filters, and more. With more features soon to come, and more being added frequently, and the Bot going under frequent testing to make sure it is stable, Frostbyte is suitable for any Discord server, furry or not.

You want to help us out? You can! Support either the owner of the project (Ko-fi page / Patreon or enjoy using our Bot and report if issues occur. That can quite help us out by improving the Bot and solving problems that might also happen with other users. For more info go to our Discord Server where Updates, Information and early Development Betas are going to be available! ^w^

Here a small preview of what the Bot can offer to you!

Interaction with other users!


With possible added messages for the hugged user/users!

Interaction message

Our now updated Config page for auto-moderation!

Config page

Integrated Reddit API for your daily content!


We also have some animals in stock! ^w^



Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.