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Frysta has a currency system and a lot of utility commands, it is a very epic Frozen bot - Oh also image manipulation!
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Frysta is a Frozen themed bot which is extremely versatile and has a range of commands. We have translator commands - =t (language code to translate from) (language code to translate to), Also there is autodetect for if you are unsure which language it is. But the most epic part is this: There is an autotranslate feature. When toggled (=at) it will automatically translate every message sent into English (So EPIC!!) There are some random image commands which will send a random frozen related image. We have image manipulation commands which are quite cool. The moderation commands are basic (kick, ban, unban) but they work fine and can only be activated by people with a certain role. There is also a blacklist for the bot - people who may have been trying to cheat or hack in the currency system. Yes. We have a currency system. We have a lot of ‘helpful’ commands; commands which tell you information about the bot, the user and the server. The commands can also help you if you want to manage a server. We also have a roast command which will roast a user. We have a ‘find’ command which essentially sends a request for the specified user. We have found a way to utilise webhooks to mimic a user! (Very Epic). Also we have a meme command which cycles memes. We have recently added music commands as well!

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