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Prefix: f-
Created by: Futuxe#0112
Short link: discord.ly/futuxegame
FutuxeGame is a constantly expanding and improving bot providing game statistics to playing music in voice channels. Music systems with queue makes the experience using the bot even better.
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How to use the bot and features

To get started use f-help in a server


  • Music and Queue System
  • TruckersMP Server Overview
  • Minecraft NameMC and Bedwars Overview
  • Radios globally (Added Weekly)


  • f-help | This is what you’re looking at now.
  • f-ets2 | Shows you traffic from TruckersMP.
  • f-radios | Shows you list of radios you can play
  • f-who | Tells you how I was made.
  • f-bwstatsraw {mcusername} | Shows you bedwars stats on hypxiel
  • f-mcaccount {mcusername} | Shows you data from NameMC

Music Commands

  • f-join | Joins the Voice Channel you are in.
  • f-play {yt link/keywords} | Plays youtube videos in voice channel.
  • f-stop | Stops all audio for the bot.
  • f-skip | Skips one song in the queue.
  • f-nowplay | Shows what is playing in VC.
  • f-radios | Shows all radios you can play in VC.