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With this bot you can virtually upload levels (not actually playing it in real gd) you can create an account as well so u can upload levels.

A Geometry Dash Simulator Bot I guess…

If you want FULL detail about the bot, (not FULLY detailed), the bot is about uploading GD levels (the bot is called GDLevels of course), and you can comment and like on the levels and also play them if you want to gain stars and be on the leader-board, You can search for levels by typing []search (level id), Or you can type []search level (level name) if you want to search the level name, but it requires an account to play or comment on the level, You can also apply for Moderator, or even Administrator, If you’re famous you could get the GDLevels Moderator role or GDLevels Administrator role which depends on your fame, Mod/Admin don’t actually have perms on the discord for now, but you can type []req and gain permissions to rate levels! If you’re a Moderator, you can suggest to rate the level and the Administrator will check it out and rate it, If you’re an Administrator, you can rate levels and make it featured or not, The user doesn’t actually need to upload levels, but if they want to, they can get CP (Creator Points) and if their level name is unique or from the actual GD. I know I didn’t explain fully about GDLevels, but that’s all I can tell, more features will be coming soon…

You can see the list of commands by typing []help

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.