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GensokyoBot is currently a Music Discord bot designed to play Gensokyo Radio.
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GensokyoBot is currently a Music Discord bot designed to play Gensokyo Radio.
Currently, we are working on our latest version of GensokyoBot,
We are developing our own custom radio station designed to play on our bot with all your favourite music playing live across Discord.
We are not a radio station, we are a bunch of Developers that want to see something different on Discord.


GensokyoBot currently is serving 1600+ guilds/servers and over 250k Users
We are expanding like crazy, we just celebrated the first official shard of our bot, this has been one of our long term goals, now we see that GensokyoBot is popular we are pushing for our next goal which is our 4.0 release.

Commands List


  • ,,help: Shows the Help with links
  • ,,stats: Shows the current Stats
  • ,,prefix: change the global prefix for yourself


  • ,,join: Joins the channel your in and plays Gensokyo Radio
  • ,,np: Shows the current song playing
  • ,,stop: Stops the music and leaves the channel


  • ,,stab: Shows a anime gif of stabbing
  • ,,facedesk: Gif of Anime facedesking
  • ,,hug: You can hug someone
  • ,,pat: Pat someone
  • ,,roll: You roll around
  • ,,stab: Shows a anime gif of stabbing
  • ,,anime: shows a gif of Animeeee!!

View more of our commands and information our website - https://gensokyobot.com

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.