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Temporary Channel Voice, Temporary Channel Text, Anti Spam Join/Leave
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To install the channel, you just need to type the command ,setup [id channel]
In which [id channel] is the voice channel for users to participate in when they want to create a new temporary channel (Suggest the name: [Join] to create)
Voice channel
,lock : Lock your channel
,unlock : Unlock your channel
,name <name> : Change the channels name
,limit <limit> : Limit how many people can join
,noti <on/off> : On/Off noti join/leave
,allow <@user> : Allow user join your channel
,deny <@user> : Deny user join your channel
,language <en/vi/es> : Set language
,serverlimit <num> : Set limit user of Ghost Channel
,servername <name> : Set default name when Ghost Channel create (Ex: ,servername [username] Channel)
,servertextchannel <on/off> : Allow create Text Channel
,servercategorytextchannel <ID Category> : Set category for contain Ghost Text Channel
,setup <ID Voice Channel> : Setup Voice Channel for join and create Ghost Channel
,addspace #tag_channel : Remove - in text channel
,serverbitrate <bitrate> : Set default bitrate of Ghost Channel

  • Notify when user join
  • Voice google welcome when user join/leave
  • Anti SPAM join/leave
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