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A simple discord bot that can host, reroll and end giveaways. You can type in g!help for more information!


Giveaway Bot has commands that are easy to understand and use!

Its a multi-purpose bot that has multiple commands that are useful to servers:


  • g!start [channel] [duration] [winners] [prize] : To start the giveaway
  • g!reroll [ID message] : To choose another winner
  • g!end [ID message] : To end the giveaway before the time expires


  • g!botinfo: Displays information of the bot
  • g!corona {country}: Shows covid stats
  • g!docs [query]: Displays djs information on the query
  • g!emojis: Lists all of the emojis in the current server
  • g!membercount: Displays the amount of members in the current server
  • g!ping: Shows the current ping
  • g!serverinfo: Displays information of the current server
  • g!weather [city]: Displays the weather in the city specified
  • g!help: To show the list of commands


  • g!meme: Send a meme from r/dankmemes
  • g!enlarge [emoji]: Enlarges the emoji mentioned
  • g!scramble: Sends a word for you to scramble


  • g!poll [channel] [question]: Sends a poll with the question specified in the mentioned channel
  • g!set-prefix [prefix]: Changes the guilds prefix to the desired prefix


  • g!support: Displays an invite link to the support server of the bot
  • g!invite: Displays an invite link of the bot<

You can join our support server.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: g! (Configurable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: TexasOriginal#9733
Short link: discord.ly/giveaway-bot-9743