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This is a giveaway bot with multi features , it's very simple to use and start giveaway with this bot.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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What is Giveaway Bot?

This is a simple giveaway but that you can start your giveaways easily , you don’t need to worry about starting giveaways anymore.

Bot Commands:

$help , this command will show you other commands. $help
$start , this giveaway will start a giveaway for you. $start #giveawaychannel <Time> <Winners> <Prize>
$end , this command will end a giveaway directly for you. $end <giveawaymessageID>
$reroll , this command will reroll a givaway for you and you can choose get another winner. $reroll <giveawaymessageID>
$ping , this command will show the ping of bot to you. $ping
$invie , You can Join Support server & invite the bot to your server with this command. $invite
$stats , You can see stats of bot with this command. $stats
meme , You can see random memes with this command. $meme
Support Server:

You can Join our support server to check new features and if you have questions you can ask them there. https://discord.gg/fdjNPF9

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.