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Best quality music, Best speeds, Great pings, This bot is the King of Discord Bots
Welcome To Global
The Worlds Most Advanced Discord Bot
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We welcome you to the newest in discord bot development “Global” and the highest quality of discord bots… I’ll be guiding you through what global is, And what global can do. (It’s a lot)

First of all we need to pint this out:

GlobalBot (globalkGlobal) is in beta so it for the most part is quite stable, You may still find some glitches.

Now that that’s out of the way, It’s time to get started with Global.

Plans For The Future
Feature Title Percentage Completed Public
Music Bot Music Player 85% Yes
Clever Bot Clever-Chat 00% No
Translate Full Translation 00% No
Embed Messages Embed Generator 100% Yes
Epic Memer Meme Finder 00% No


Anything related to this bot may be subject to change. This bot is in Beta so everything isn’t final.


Bot Developed By: SkyLight Gaming
Translators: Voss Playz, eroen P. Broks.

Global Logo By: https://logomakr.com/

Special Thanks:
yeyeboy, Peb, Samanthq,The Ghost Of Dead Memes,Silent, g$, ghoast, Shionekii, Two 2, And You, Thank You!

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