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A forward-looking Discord Bot is always up-to-date and fast
You can vote once every 12 hours.
Once you press Upvote, you may be prompted asking if you wish to recieve notifications.
This will remind you in 12 hours that you can vote again!

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Music Commands

  • go!play [link or music name]
  • go!stop [stop music with this command]
  • go!pause [pause music with this command]
  • go!resume [you can continue the music you have stopped with this command]
  • go!clearqueue [you can clear queue with this command]
  • go!nowplaying [you can see the music playing with this command]
  • go!skip [you can skip next sound with this command]
  • go!volume [(volume between 1-100) you can change music volume with this command]
  • go!queue [you can see queue with this command]

Moderation Commands

(Ticket System)

  • go!supportsetup [this command auto setup for ticket system]

  • go!add [(@UserName#0001) you get the person you’re writing to join in support]

  • go!remove [(@UserName#0001) you get the person you’re writing to throw support]

  • go!new [(ticket description) you can open new ticket with this command]

  • go!inactive [you can change status inactive for ticket]

  • go!active [you can change status active for ticket]

  • go!warn [<@MentionMember> <reason> you can warn user with this command]

  • go!warnings [(@UserName#0001) you can see warnning point with this command]

  • go!setwarns [<@MentionMember> <amount> you can change metioned user warn amount]

  • go!setupwarnlog [<#channel> bot saves warn log for you]

  • go!mute [<@MentionMember> <minutes> <reason> The selected user cannot write for a period of time]

  • go!unmute [<@MentionMember> allows silenced user to write back]

  • go!setupmutelog [<#channel> bot saves mutes log for you]

Note : you must create “Muted” role and warn limit is 3 if user reach to 3 warn ban user

Entertainment Commands

  • go!muteroulette [Funny roulette game for people to use, a 1/6 chance to be muted!]
  • go!mcaccount [(Minecraft Nickname) you can see detailed minecraft profile info]
  • go!anime [this command send random anime gif]
  • go!meme [this command send random dank meme gif]
  • go!shit [(@UserName#0001) shit meme effect]
  • go!tv [(@UserName#0001) tv effect]
  • go!proof [(@UserName#0001) proof meme effect]

Utily Commands

  • go!clean [(Amount) clears the message up to the number you typed]
  • go!suggestion (your suggestions will appear on the support server) (comments will come when you send the command)
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