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Invite GOPBOT Bot to your server and enjoy its Blyats, Slavic images and Hardbass commands. Get the full GOPBOT Discord Bot experience!

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GOPBOT Discord Bot Described:

GOPBOT is ready to squat down, drink and have some fun! GOPBOT can say some blyats, send you a Slavic image or give you a random hardbass video. GOPBOT also welcomes you the Slavic way!

GOPBOT is the first Gopnik bot ever created. So it is probably the best Discord bot if you are a Gopnik or a Slav or just want to become one. GOPBOT can say some blyats, play a game of Russian roulette or just give you a random slavic image. But the best is yet to come! GOPBOT can not only do some Cheeki Breeki commands but it also welcomes you the Slavic way!

GOPBOT Help - Gives you the information and commands.
GOPBOT Credits - Shows all the credits for the making of GOPBOT.
GOPBOT Support - Information about how to support GOPBOT.
GOPBOT Support Server - The invite of the GOPBOT support server.

GOPBOT Code - Gives you a sheet of the code, it’s not always up to date.
GOPBOT Playing {activity} - Admin command to change what the bot is playing.
GOPBOT Welcome - Admin command for information and settings of GOPBOT welcomer.

GOPBOT Hardbass - Gets you a random hardbass video.
GOPBOT Playlist - Gets you a hardbass playlist.

GOPBOT Country - Gets you a list of Slavic and Baltic countries.

GOPBOT Alcohol Calculator Fast - Calculates your blood alcohol content fast but imprecise.
GOPBOT Russian Roulette {tags} - Play a game of Russian roulette with the tagged persons.
GOPBOT Russian Roulette - Information about GOPBOT Russian Roulette.

GOPBOT Pizdi {tag} - Gives pizdi to urod that annoys you.
GOPBOT Gopstop {tag} - Steal stuff of someone.

GOPBOT Joke - Random Slavic joke.
GOPBOT Meme - Random Slavic meme.

GOPBOT Brand {name of the brand} - Page of the gopnik brand.
GOPBOT Gop FM - Information about GOP FM.

GOPBOT Hello - Greets you.

Cyka - BLYAT!
Kurwa - MAĆ!
Idi - NAHUI!nBlyat - CYKA BLYAT!
Rush B - NO STOP!
Cheeki - BREEKI!
Cheeki Breeki - ANUUUUUUU!
Gopstop - Asks for a cigarette!
Sigi - Asks for a fire for his cigarette!
Squat - Tells you to squat!
Hardbass - Tells you to play hardbass blyat!
Tsar Bomb - Drops a nuke where you want!
Putin - Tells you to vote for our best president!
Stalin - Tells you to praise our Greatest Lord Stalin!
For motherland! - For Stalin!
Na Berlin! - Rushes Berlin!
America - Just don’t say this!!
T-34 - Asks you for position of enemy tanks!
Cyka Blyat - Makes the bot rage!
Semki - Makes the bot go crazy!
Pelmeni - Tells babushka to make some pelmeni!
Pivasik - Appreciates the gopnik essence of energy!
Vodka - Makes the bot go crazy!
Kvass - Makes the bot go crazy!
Kompot - Asks babushka for kompot!
Kalashnikov - Makes some gun noises!
Lada - Don’t get hit!
Idk - What you don’t know!
Debil - No u.
No u - No u u.
Drunk - GOPBOT is never drunk!
Гопстоп - СИГИ ЕСТЬ?
За родину! - За Сталина!

Join us on our Discord server, GOPBOT Support Server. Here you can keep an eye on our progress, improvements or help us creating GOPBOT!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add GOPBOT Discord Bot to my server?

You can add GOPBOT to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add GOPBOT Discord Bot' on this page.

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Created by: ZWEKKERBOY#2931