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Music, Backups, Auto-/Moderation, Scripting, Minigames and more. Grow up your discord server with Graphite.
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Graphite connects all features that you could possibly want in a modular system.
This means you can only enable the features that you need for your guild without having a billion different commands available at all times.

Visit our website to learn more about the features Graphite has to offer and to take a look at our webinterface.

The bot has a variety of features in a variety of categories that can be enabled/disabled by our module system:


  • Reports: Allows members to report other members with a reason. Admins can look at the reports and act accordingly
  • Chat reports: Users can create a chat report which will include the last 100 messages which admins of the server can look at to determine what to do
  • Tempmute: Mutes a member in a voice channel temporarily
  • Clear: Clears a given amount of messages from a text channel (up to a limit of 100 messages)
  • Clearall: Clears all messages in a text channel (up to a limit of 1000 messages)
  • Jail: “Jails” a member in the voice channel they’re currently in and prevents them from switching channels (by moving them back)
  • Tempjail: “Jails” a member in a voice channel temporarily
  • Tempban: Bans a member and unbans them again after the given time
  • Support: Allows the admins of the server to set a “Support” voice channel and “Supporter” roles which will get notified if a user joins the “Support” channel
  • Categorycopy: Copies the settings of one category to another one
  • Autochannels: Allows admins to set voice channels to be “Autochannels”, which will automatically duplicate themselves when someone joins (e.g. “Talk” will become “Talk #1” then “Talk #2” etc.)


  • General music features (play, pause, …) which will play music from YouTube, SoundCloud, … using LavaPlayer
  • Playlists: Allows users to save the current music queue to a playlist which they can later play again


  • Allows admins to create backups of their guild (including chat messages, icon, guild name, …)
  • Interval backups: Allows admins to set an interval to make Graphite create backups periodically
  • Template backups: Lets admins share the backup of their guild (excluding chat messages, server bans and bot settings), which other users can search for and copy to their own guilds
  • Backup cloning: Lets admins clone a backup to another guild they have permission on (excluding chat messages, server bans and bot settings)


  • Botinfo: Provides general info about the bot (Developers, Library, Bot id and name, …)
  • Eastereggs: Lets users see what easter eggs they’ve found. A few of them are hidden throughout the bot
  • Invite: Shows an invite link for the bot
  • Upvote: Shows upvote links for the bot
  • Whatareyoudoing: Provides some more “advanced” information about what the bot is doing
  • Voice- & Textchannel/Categoryinfo: Shows information about a channel/category (name, id, type, parent, user limit, …)
  • Userinfo: Shows information about a user (name, id, nichname, self muted, self deafened, …)
  • Emoteinfo: Shows information about an emoji/general character sequence (Escaped Java + escaped HTML)


  • Money: Shows the user how much money they have (can be earned through voting or playing minigames)
  • Userchannels: Allows normal members to create “user channels” which will be created in a separate category, the creator will be given all permissions in the channel and be moved to it. After they leave, the channel gets deleted
  • Recordings: Allows members (with permission) to create recordings of a voice channel. The bot will indicate that it’s recording by renaming itself. Records can be played back on the webinterface and downloaded as well.
  • Scripts: Allows users to add features to the bot themselves via a JavaScript API (with some very limited functionality: message (rate-)limits, limited access to the Discord API…)


  • Fun commands, such as “belikebill”, “8ball”, “chucknorris” and “memes”
  • Minigames: TicTacToe, Battleships, Connect Four, RPG, Minesweeper, which can be played in chat (against other members of a guild)


  • Customlocale/Locale: Allows admins to download the default locale, customize it and use it on their guild
  • Permission: General permission system to manage what members can and can’t do (including .* permissions to grant all sub permissions)
  • Prefix: Allows admins to change the bot’s prefix on the guild
  • Modules: Allows admins to enable/disable specific parts/categories of the bot’s features

Graphite has two levels of “premium”: Graphite Carbon and Graphite Diamond (see Patreon). Premium is optional and you won’t get “feature-locked” if you don’t buy it


  • Lets admins set a notification message for when a configured streamer goes live on Twitch


  • Lets admins set a notification message for when a configured streamer goes live on Mixer


  • Accessrole: Allows admins to set “accessible” roles which users can get via the getrole command

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