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I have an very complete help command! You can shuffle the queue anywhere, any time! You can clear the queue! A very good now playing command! You can change the prefix too!
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I’m a very useful music bot that can make you play a music with a simple command! I have a lot of good commands that you can have a better experience playing your favorites songs! Problems with the prefix? You can also change the bot prefix running a simple command! It contains a very complete help that you can run command into the bot dms, you can use *help and have an better description of the command!

You can loop a music of a queue to repeat it! If you want to shuffle the songs, you can do it too!

I’m here to help you play songs with simple command, with the best quality!

What are you waiting!? Add me now!

Thanks for reading this.

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Command Aliase Description
ht!play [url or music name] ht!p Play the song you want! Use only the number to select a music! According to the song title!
ht!help ht!h The classic help command
ht!panel ht!pl This command get you acess to Hana Panel, you have skip, pause, leave, resume command, but with a simple difference, only reacting!

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Tag Function Participating Team
gelatina animada#0813 Manager Programming Team
Inari 🍀#0874 Director Administrative Team
! Duc#7414 Presidente Testing Team
𝐴𝐿𝐼𝐶𝐸#2394 Worker/Voluntary Testing Team
1237general#9409 Vice president Administrative Team
Kaoru#7442 Developer Hana Support developers team

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