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A bot that allows you to advertise your server to other users. Everything simple, fast and ToS compliant.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Guild Booster

Guild Booster

A bot that will help you enlarge your server with the help of other users.

How it’s working?

The bot has a built-in economy. You can easily buy an ad for your server in currency, which will appear in the command for checking currently promoted bot ads.

To earn currency you have to join other servers, but… You must be on them for at least a week or you will lose your currency.

There are ways to get currency faster?

Yes, they are. For joining the support server you will get more than always, and for boost server support you will get 50 currency per month.

DM spaming?

No, never in my life! The bot is compatible with Discord’s ToS. Nothing is done without the user’s consent, nor does the bot advertise anything in private messages. We also plan to add a currency for voting for the bot on top.gg.


Invite me!

And type !help

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