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A moderation Bot, wich has lots of funtional commands, from the basically (warn, kick or ban) to advanced functions like automod, with about 100 blocked swear words. Also is 99.7% uptime. #Di

We need your help to verify the bot, how? Invite the bot in more servers, please! /verify or /invite
Prefix: /
Hammer’s Team:
EncryptEx#6341, Mariete05#4835
Online, 99,7% uptime. Bot is megrated into Heroku, so more uptime!
Moderator Commands:
warn, uwnarn, topwarns, kick, ban, addrole, removerole, createrole, lock, unlock
Blocks about 100 swear words
Info Commands:
help, hammer, ping, hello, assistance, whois, guild, roles, rules, report, support, vote, upvote
Bot Customizing:
logs, log, saverules

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.