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A sharded and automatic whitelabeled ticket bot, built to provide a never-ending connection between you and your customers.
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DiscordTickets main command is “-help” when you first add the bot.

This list is the FREE features which you have access to without PREMIUM.

  • -ticket command
  • -rename command
  • -remove command
  • -add command
  • -help command
  • -close command
  • Change help command variable
  • Change successfully removed & added message
  • Change support roles (and change roles permissions)
  • Change bot prefix
  • Limit ticket creation channel (where -ticket can be ran)
  • Enable/disable @ everyone on ticket creation
  • Ability to have staff accounts on panel
  • Ability to change what staff can do on panel
  • Fully featured Web Panel
  • Respond to tickets via panel
  • Complete ticket logs via panel
  • Multilingual support
  • Instant setup, with preset messages
  • Chat Reactions
  • Change Chat Reactions emojis

DiscordTickets PREMIUM Features

  • -status command
  • -translate command
  • -close (time - m,h,d) command
  • Change all command variables
  • Change all error, success, denied, and other messages
  • Additional text on ticket creation ability
  • Enable/disable timed close
  • Change embed colour
  • Change ticket reason message
  • Enable/disable non staff closing ticket
  • Change playing status (surpreme only)
  • Enable/disable close confirm
  • Change ticket creation limit
  • Change ticket naming convention
  • Discord Premium Role
  • Customise Chat Reactions message
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.