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A per-user custom color bot󠇿󠇿󠇿󠇿󠇿


A per-user custom color bot

Command Arguments Description
Prefix (new prefix) Customize the bots activation prefix
Role (@Role or ID | “everyone”) Restrict the bot to only a group of members
Change (hex/rgb/hsl/css) Randomly select or input a value for your color role
Current Display your current role colors hex value
Remove Remove your color role
Bot Invite Source Code Support Server

NOTE: This is not a rainbow role bot, if you are found to be botting Hex you will be blacklisted.
Lexa is a Hex compatible alternative written in Python.


Prefix: h! or @Hex
Servers: 4.80k
Users: 470k
Created by: ShayBox#0001
Short link: discord.ly/hex