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Hidden Moderation Bot V2

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Hidden Moderation bot is a discord bot you can use to kick, clear messages, etc. There are also a few features such as user info and bot info. You can see more by using the ;Commands command!

Hidden Moderation Bot is a bot coded and designed by HiddenIpex#0001, his bot can be used to kick, clear messages, get user info, and bot info. You can use the “’; Command” to see what commands you’ll get! (Also you’ll need to have a role titled Bot-Admin)

The bot can be used to… well moderate your server! You can kick people, you can mass delete messages! You will be able to do so much more in the future, but as of now, we don’t have a ton of commands!

This is used to mass delete messages,
This will provide you with a link to our discord server!
This will give you information on the bot!
This will kick a user from your server!
This will give you information on yourself!


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