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Hinder is a multipurpose discord bot that was designed to help user's with their server. From Music - Interaction - Admin - Social - Fun - Config - System. The prefix is !
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Hinder is a multi purpose bot that has 200 commands. It has 7 categories to choose from when you do the help command. Hinder is ran 24/7. The bot was made by Lord#0080 to help user’s with their server and possibly help improve it. The interaction category is where you can pick a interaction command like slap, marry etc and use it on another user. Fun is full of games you can play like 8ball or rock paper scissors etc to play when you are bored. Music is the category to listen to music from youtube. (example Play hinder, Gives a list then i just type the number of the song.) Config is the area to set up the bot with your server. Like joins/leaves Bot announcements for when the bot gets updated or something all that good stuff. System is a list of commands for user’s to get information from like bot info, channel id etc. Admin is a category filled with commands that will help out server mods in the server like warn,ban,kick etc. Social is a category filled with profile information like what level you are, how much money you have etc.

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