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Invite Hiroko Bot to your server for all the Moderation, Fun, Image Fun, Games and Info commands. Get started with Hiroko Discord Bot today!

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Hiroko Discord Bot Described:

A multipurpose bot including all the commands from moderations, fun, image fun, games and info.

Server Dead? Members are no more active?

Don’t worry! We have Hiroko For You

Hiroko is a multipurpose bot, made for fun and moderations and many more uses too!
Hiroko is almost capable of doing everything, Just there are no music commands. But hey, We keep upgrading Hiroko everyday.

😂 | FUN

hey 8ball,
hey bold,
hey clap,
hey epic,
hey flip,
hey hey,
hey isimp,
hey megay,
hey meme,
hey mesimp,
hey owofy,
hey pog,
hey sayd(say delete),
hey say,
hey search,
hey spoil,
hey table,
hey uwufy


hey coindecide,
hey diceroll,
hey rps,
hey td


hey emojis,
hey finduser,
hey invite,
hey nick


hey bad,
hey butterfly,
hey delete,
hey fakenitro,
hey nani,
hey rip,
hey simp

💻 | INFO

hey botinvite,
hey dmhelp,
hey help,
hey info,
hey ping,
hey stats,
hey supportserver,
hey time,
hey uptime,
hey userinfo


hey angry,
hey baka,
hey blush,
hey carry,
hey cry,
hey confused,
hey dab,
hey drink,
hey explode,
hey greet,
hey handhold,
hey highfive,
hey hug,
hey kiss,
hey laugh,
hey lick,
hey nom,
hey pat,
hey poke,
hey pout,
hey punch,
hey scream,
hey shoot,
hey slap,
hey sniff,
hey stare,
hey tickle,
hey wag


hey avatar,
hey editsnipe,
hey snipe


hey ban,
hey clear,
hey createchannel,
hey deletechannel,
hey kick,
hey unban

Just invite her and see The magic 💖!

For more information 💻 , Please visit our website [ https://heyhiroko.glitch.me/ ]

You can also Join our support server [ https://discord.gg/9VS3HU5 ], for more updates about Hiroko!

Have a great day and Have fun with Hiroko OwO
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Hiroko Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Hiroko to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Hiroko Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: hey
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Awish#6969