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Prefix: h.
Created by: Zorkai#0001
Short link: discord.ly/hivemc-player-stats
A multiple purpose bot for HiveMC Player Stats.

HiveMC Player Stats

HiveMC Player Stats is a bot, which has a lot of features. For example, it can show WinStreaks, KDR and many other things easily and quickly. You can track player stats and even know for example if they are online or not. It also has other features such as: Show username history, current skin, the namemc profile, amount of luckycrates, …

Statistic Commands :
  • h.sg
  • h.draw
  • h.bp
  • h.dr
  • h.grav
  • h.timv
  • h.hns
  • h.bed
  • h.sky
Tools Commands :
  • h.status
  • h.rank
  • h.crates
  • h.avatar
  • h.profile
  • h.history
  • h.uuid
  • h.skin
  • h.support
  • h.invite