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HODL. Bot is the ultimate bot for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Price alerts, charts, coin info and even a shitcoin economy.

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HODL. Bot is the ultimate Discord bot for any Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Set exchange specific price alerts for your favorite coins/tokens, get charts with indicators and multiple timeframes, get coin info on all major tokens, set up an automated crypto newsfeed channel and more!
For a much more detailed guide please visit docs.hodlbot.gg

The bot is mostly finished but I am still testing some new ideas and always looking for more testers to help make this bot even better, if you would like to join and help put your own stamp on the bot please do so here Join Server

Here is a list of commands you can use.

note: examples shown are using the bot’s default prefix, if you have changed it or are unsure what the prefix is in your current server you can mention the bot then add prefix to get the current server prefix!

Text surrounded by [ ] are required inputs for the command to work and text surrounded by < > are optional inputs.

Support Commands

/help Will provide you with a link to our online guide.
/support Will provide you with an invite link to join our Support Server.

Crypto Related Commands

/chart Responds with an up-to-date Tradingview chart for the requested pair and optional timeframe and indicator.

Usage: /chart [ pair ] < timeframe > < indicator >

Example: /c btcusd 1h rsi

/info Get’s information about a specified Coin or Token, as long as it is listed on token trackers such as CoinGecko.

Usage: /info [ symbol ]

Example: Example: /info atom

/fg Replies with an image of today’s “Fear & Greed Index” by alternative.me

/gas Get’s the most up-to-date estimated Eth gas fees.

/price Replies with the current price of a pair on a specified exchange.
*A common mistake people do is use USD instead of USDT, please remember trading in FIAT pairs isn’t always available for most pairs.

Usage: /price [ exchange ] [ pair, separated by / ]

Example: /p binance btc/usdt

/qp Get’s the current global average price of a coin/token in $USD, simial to the info command but shows less data.

Usage: /qp [ symbol ]

Example: /qp btc

/signals Shows information about our premium trading signals feature.

/trending Get’s the current top trending Coins/Tokens right now on CoinGecko.

Crypto Price Alert Commands

/alert Sets a Price alert for any pair available on the exchanges currently compatible with the bot.

Usage: /alert [ exchange ] [ pair ] [ price ]

Example: /alert binance btc/usdt 50000

/myalerts Fetches all your alerts currently set in the server that you are in, max alerts are 6 per user per server.

/stopalert Will delete unwanted price alerts by the alert ID which can be found when you run the myalerts command.

Usage: /stopalert [ alert id ]

Example: /stopalert 1234

Crypto News-Feed Commands!

/newsfeed Sets your current channel to get top crypto/blockchain related news stories automatically! The Bot will post new articles every 90 minutes.

/news Gets one of today’s top crypto/blockchain related news stories.

/stopnews Stops the automatic newsfeed from running in your server.

Get ShitCoin Rich!

/addbal Let’s an admin add shitcoins to a user’s balance.

Usage: /addbal [ @user ] [ amount]

Example: /addbal @john#1234 1500

/bal Shows the Shitcoin balance of you or a person you tag.

/pay Send someone some of your Shitcoin balance.

Usage: /pay [ @user ] [ amount ]

Example: /pay @john#1234 150

Miscellaneous Commands

/botinfo Shows you some information about hodl. bot such as our total server and member counts.

/donate Shows you information on how to donate to the bot’s creators.

/invite Will provide you with a link to invite hodl. bot to a different server you manage.

/ping Shows you the bots current ping information.

Fun Commands

/moon Multiplies two numbers to show the possible value of your tokens in the future.

Usage: /moon [ amount of tokens/coins] [ price]

Example: /moon 150 2000

Visual Guides

HODL> Bot Usage!

HODL> Bot Usage!

HODL> Bot Usage!

Some planned features:

I have plenty more commands and features planned, would love to hear people’s ideas and feedback so do please join my discord to help build a great bot together! Join Server

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.