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A Discord Invite Manager bot with many features. [Leaderboard | Reward Roles | Greeting | more ...]
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Because of that its not invitable sometimes.

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A Discord Invite Manager bot with many features

Website ā€¢ Support Discord


Use -help to see all commands

šŸŽ— Invites


Shows the top 10 inviters on the guild.


Check invites


Add extra invites to a member


Remove extra invites of a member

-resetinvites all

Resets invites of a member or a guild

āš’ļø Settings


List of all reward roles

-rewardrole add

Add a new invite rewardrole

-rewardrole remove

Remove a reward role

-invitemessage enable
-invitemessage disable

Change invite announcement settings

-leavemessage enable
-leavemessage disable

Change farewell settings

šŸ‘‹ Greeting

-greetmsg <message>

Change the greet message (with placeholders from -greetmsg)

-greetmsg <enable/disable>

Enable or disable greet messages in the current text channel

-greetmsgdel <milliseconds>

Change the delete delay for greet messages (1s-30s)

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