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A small bot used for moderation and utility


{} - Required Parameters,
() - Optional Parameters,
[] - Extensions

  • Help (Group_Name/Command_Name)
  • [Un]Ban {user} (reason)
  • Kick {user} (reason)
  • [Un]Mute {user} (reason)
  • Staffcheck
  • Whois (user)
  • Serverinfo
  • Invite
  • rip - A fun command
  • [Issues/Suggest] - Report any issues or suggestions to the github
  • Avatar (user)
  • Uptime
  • Fetchban {userID} - (Errors, being worked on)
  • Purge {messageNo.}
  • Joinrole {role_Name} - Join a role that does not have any staff-like permissions
  • Announce {channel_mention} {announcement_message} - Errors (being worked on)

Server Settings

  • Join {set/remove} (channel_mention) - Set user join channel
  • Messages delete {set/remove} (channel_mention) - Set message deletion logs channel (includes by bulk)
  • Modlogs {set/remove} (channel_mention) - Set server modlogs channel (for role changes, channel changes etc.)
  • Panel - View the current settings for the guild (If none then displays None - Rather than undefined)
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Prefix: !! (changable) or mention the bot
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: DeathHound#8339
Short link: discord.ly/houndbot