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HyStats - Advanced stats display of Hypixel players.
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HyBot Discord Bot

[ Advanced stats display of Hypixel players ]

  • hy.help to view bot commands.

• Hypixel Commands •

  • hy.stats - Check hypixel player stats
  • hy.news - Get the latest announcement from Hypixel.net
  • hy.link - Link your Hypixel account to the bot
  • hy.watchdog - Watchdog stats
  • hy.games - Hypixel game stats list

• Minecraft Commands •

  • hy.server - Get a minecraft server information
  • hy.player - Get a details on a minecraft player

• General Commands •

• Admin Commands •

  • hy.setprefix - Set the bot prefix
  • hy.autorank - Give linked members Hypixel rank roles.
  • hy.setwelcome - Set a warm welcome for new members.

[ FAQ ]

Do I have to pay money to use the bot?

No, the bot is totally free to use.

I found a bug where can I report it?

You can report bugs at our support server.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.