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Hydra Commands

Discover the full list of Hydra commands with this guide. Easily navigate through the Hydra Bot commands list and find the perfect one for your needs.

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Here are the Commands for Hydra Bot:
  • /247 - Toggle the bot to stay 24/7 in the voice channel.
  • /autoplay - Toggle the bot to continuously queue up recommended tracks.
  • /bassboost value - Sets the bassboost from -5 (max treble) to 5 (max bass).
  • /demon - Toggles the demon filter.
  • /filter - Show the current set filter.
  • /nightcore - Toggles the nightcore filter.
  • /speed value - Sets the speed up to 2x.
  • /vaporwave - Toggles the vaporwave filter.
  • /volume value - Lets you change the bots output volume.