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A Bot with useful commands for the Skyblock gamemode on hypixel.net
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Skyblock Helper Discord Bot [WIP]


!Patchnotes (!News) ([#channel])

  • Let’s you select a Channel to send new Patchnotes of Hypixel Skyblock to.
  • Also it shows you the newest Patchnotes.

!Item (!I) (item/category) [Looking for someone helping me filling the database.]

  • Gives you information to any Hypixel Skyblock Item.
  • Shows you a list of item categories and a list of items in that category, if you do not specify an item.

!Enchantment (!ench) (enchantment/category)

  • Gives you information to any Vanilla and Hypixel Skyblock enchantments.
  • Shows you a list of enchantment categories and a list of enchantments in that category


!Whenisnext (!win) (event)

  • Shows you when the next Event is. (Magma Boss, Dark Auction, New Year, Bank Interest and Special Events)
  • You also can also don’t specify an event to get a list of all.


!Whenisnextchannel (!winchannel) [#channel]

  • Activate and Deactivate a refreshing Message looking like this:


!reminder (!rem) (event/list)

  • Set a reminder for an event.
  • The bot will remind you 5 Minutes before it.
  • Get a list of your set Timers trough !rem list

Last Words

This Bot is still in Development! I keep on working on it till I have done everything Hypixel Skyblock gives me to work with. If you have any Idea for a command add me on Discord or use !suggestion [your suggestion here].

Discord: Lolieg | Marvin#0896

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