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Make your server perfect by adding much to it like fun commands!
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User commands:

  • !google (Search anything on google)
  • !help (Show this list)
  • !info (Only for Server Owners)
  • !uptime (Check the bot’s uptime)
  • !youtube (Search anything on youtube)
  • !support (Support the bot maker)
  • !invite (Invite this bot to your server)
  • say (Send a broadcast message through a command)

Fun Commands:

  • !war (Attack an ai)
  • !roll (Roll a dice)
  • !beg (Beg the bot for money)
  • !joke (Get a random joke)
  • !meme (Get the best memes)
  • !8ball (Ask a question)
  • !avatar (Get the avatar of the pinged person)
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