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Instantly create polls with message buttons and real-time result displays - setup-free

Instant Poll

Instant Poll is a simple, free and open source bot that allows you to create polls with live feedback in text channels.

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  • No setup required, just plug and play
  • Real-time updating poll results
  • Anonymous votes
  • Cutting-edge Discord features (slash commands, message buttons)
  • Timed Polls
  • Polls with multiple votes per user
  • Gateway-free (you don’t need to invite the bot to use it)

Add it to your server

Add the bot

You will notice that, when you’ve authorised the app, it will not join your server. This is intended, you can use the commands anyway.
You can verify this by typing /poll info.


Use /poll create to create a poll.

Parameter Description Constraints
question The poll question < 500 characters in length
15 The options voters can pick from Format: (<key>: )?<text> (key: 1-15 characters, text: 1-200 characters)
multi-vote Whether every voter can pick multiple options True or False
close-in Number of seconds after which poll is closed positive number, <= 0 will be ignored

Polls can be closed by the poll creator and people who are allowed to delete messages.

How does this work?

The bot makes heavy use of new Discord features, including webhook-based interactions. Using those, bots don’t have to be on the server anymore in order to receive events like commands and button presses. The new button interactions also allow bots to edit messages on each button press, without any rate limit. With traditional poll bots, this concept would blow up!

Check out the source code on GitHub for more insights.

Do you want to chat with me about feature requests, bug reports or general questions? My DMs are open, so you can do that by joining a server I’m also on. I do not accept friend requests at this time.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.




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Created by: Johnny#3826
Short link: discord.ly/instant-poll