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Full Integrity Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Integrity Discord Bot Described:

Integrity bot is a multi-module bot that can assist all servers.
Integrity Bot
Integrity bot has many modules which assist all servers
 - Functions
 - Fun
 - Tag Management
 - Tickets
 - Transcripts*
 - Welcome Message
 - Leave Message
 - Welcome Role
 - Logs
 - Custom Prefix
 - Assistance
* Transcripts are limited to 100 messages per ticket. This is due to discord rate limiting. Please bare in mind that is not 100 messages overall, that is 100 messages in one ticket. The transcript will go to a specific channel specified by you in a .html file

To get started, use the command .setup
For any assistance, use our discord at

We are constantly working on the bot and optimizing it for better performance. Our current project is on:
 - Reaction Roles
 - Server Linking

 - Ban 
 - Temp Ban
 - Kick
 - Mute
 - Un Mute
 - Warn
 - Warn Check
 - Un Warn
 - Clear
 - Ping 
 - Say
 - Say Embeded 
 - Who is check
 - First Message in Channel
 - Voice Channel View
 - Timer
 - Server Information
 - Bot Infomation

More to come!
 - 8ball
 - Rock, Paper, Scissors
 - Slots
 - Joke
 - Urban Dictionary (Only works in NSFW channels)
 - Flip
 - Gif

Tag Management
More to come!
 - Add Role to user
 - Remove Role from user

More to come!
 - New ticket
 - Rename ticket
 - Close ticket *
 - Add User to ticket
 - Remove User from ticket
 - Add Role to ticket
 - Remove Role from ticket
 - Force close **
* If the transcript module is enabled, it creates an automatic transcript for the ticket (Max of 100 messages PER ticket). This module can be disabled and it will close the ticket normally.
** This closes the ticket without a timer and without a transcript (If that module is enabled)

## Help ##

 - Commands
 - Help
 - Help Fun
 - Help Functions
 - Help Setup
 - Help Tags
 - Help Tickets
 - Help Toggles
 - Help Transcripts
 - Support

 ## Setup ##

 - Join Role
 - Leave Channel
 - Mute Role
 - Prefix
 - Set Logs Channel
 - Set Ticket Close Time
 - Setup
 - Ticket Category
 - Ticket Role
 - Ticket Transcript Channel
 - Welcome Channel
 - Reset

 ## Toggles ## 

 - Toggle Functions
 - Toggle Fun
 - Toggle Leave message
 - Toggle Logs
 - Toggle Tags
 - Toggle Tickets
 - Toggle Transcripts
 - Toggle Welcome Message
 - Toggle Welcome Role
 - Toggle Status
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Integrity Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Integrity to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Integrity Discord Bot' on this page.

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