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Full invisibot Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Fun commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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invisibot Discord Bot Described:

Hey there, I'm Inviz your friendly neighbourhood invisible-bot! I hope I can be of some service to your server :)

.help is the help command
.info gives some basic info on the bot
.helpsetup invites someone who can help with any technical difficulties

Message commands

Inviz has some basic messaging commands like

  1. .say
    • this makes the bot send whatever message you wrote
  2. .msg edit [target message id]; [new message]
    • this lets you edit a message previously sent by the bot
  3. .embed .[color]; [title]; [message]
    • this creates a colorful embed for announcements and various other uses. Colors include .red, .yellow, .blue, .orange, .pink, .green, .darkblue, .purple, .white, .black, and .teal
  4. .meg del [amount]
    • allows you to bulk delete multiple messages


Inviz has some Fun gifs and emojis to use

  1. .emoji
    • this gives you a list of all the emojis available
    • there are instructions on how to use these emojis
  2. .msg react [message id]; [emoji name]
    • this feature is available for some of the emojis that are marked with ⁂
    • it lets you to react to a message with an emoji through the bot
  3. .i cookie [@user]
    • this sends an embed with a cute emoji saying who the cookie is from

Automatic features
  1. Inviz automatically makes a log when messages get deleted.
    • these logs also note when a message is edited or when a user is kicked/banned
  2. Welcome
    • inviz sends a welcome message when a new person joins in channels named “welcome”

  1. .join
    • this command gets the bot to join the voice channel that the user is in
  2. .play [link]
    • this command lets one play music from youtube in a vc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add invisibot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add invisibot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add invisibot Discord Bot' on this page.

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