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A simply bot with Jail System! Automatic Setup and Easy to use!
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Type: /help for see all commands!

【—Jail&Mute System—】

Jail System

Jail a User in a server He/She can’t see everything in your server but can see prison channels! Type /unjail to unjail that User.

Group Jail:

Type: /jail @user #channel **user will be prisoner and go into #channel prison & no prison for user

How to visit someone in prison:

Type: /visit addperm @user #channel to add user permission (can send messages and read messages) /visit removeperm @user #channel to remove user permission!

Mute System

Mute a User in a server and make him/her can’t send any messages! Type /unmute to unmute that User.

Permissions :

  • Member Required Police Roles (Bot Create) or Administrator Permission!
  • Bot Required Manage Messages & Message Channels & Message Roles & Kick/Ban Members (Administrator for bot best properly)
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.