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Create stunning custom wordclouds to show off your server, view NationStates information, automatically translate foreign languages and create custom roleplay accounts
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Nationstates Support

Perfect for any server based around NationStates as members can come back, again and again, to show off their amazing nation to everyone else. With good looking embeds containing all the information you will ever need.

Custom Roleplay Profile

Create your own instant-accounts that can be spoken through at your command. These can be used for roleplaying, showing activity or just having fun! View Example


Running a server with many different languages thrown around? That’s no problem for JakeBot! With the all-new translation system, you can automatically (or manually) translate any language you can think of with several different styles of translation result to suit your server’s atmosphere! You can even set up a single auto-translation to run in several channels, ignore specific words or only translate specific people! View what’s available in the free tier here

Beautiful Wordclouds

With JakeBot’s advanced and efficient wordcloud creation system you can quickly create amazing looking wordclouds to your specification using any of the stunning premade presets available! Scroll down for an example!

Server and Member Information

Using Jakes member info and server info commands you can easily see how old someone’s account is and visualise what server roles they have. And it doesn’t stop there, ever wondered what the very first message sent in a channel was? Well, Jake has a function for that, quickly find all that history with just one command!

Easy Communication

Using the advanced cross-server DM based communication systems you and your server members can quickly meet new people using the dm chat command, all whilst keeping channels clean and staying safe from dangerous content with automatic filters.

NSFW Systems

With Jake’s unique functions you can easily fill a need using an automatic rule34 poster or just have a laugh at the ridiculous content online with the one-off command. And after you are done you can quickly hide the evidence with the speedy nsfwcleaner command

Wordcloud Artboard

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