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A full-feature music bot, that looks nice too! No longer should you pay for a 24/7 discord bot.
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A discord music bot with everything you need.


  • Supports ever music platform you could possible wish for; From Spotify, to YouTube

  • 24/7. Jas allows you to keep the music bot in a vc all day, for free!

<u>Why should I choose Jas?</u> <br>
Jas has been made by developers who have been frustrated with crucial features hidden behind a paywall. However, we need to make money somewhere; This is why we are working on a promotion system. No more should you have to pay for the basic features that you need!

<u>Won’t Jas get taken down, just like Groovy did?</u> <br>

Thankfully, we can say no to this question! Groovy downloaded music using youtube’s api: youtube-dl. However, we’ve opted to use Lavalink. Lavalink is a completely open-source way of doing even more! This is why we accept all of the platforms that you care about. Including AmazonMusic, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and more!

<u>How do I get started then?</u>

Jas has a super simple setup process! All that you have to do it invite the bot to your server, and you can start listening!

Jas uses slash commands! Our main command is /play. Using this command, you can play any song that you’d like, through just a simple link

<u>Any questions?</u>

Here at Jas, we believe that everybody has a right to question! This is why we have dedicated time to creating some handy documentation, and a super cool support server!

- Docs

Support Server


Jas: A music bot that cares

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