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A Fun/Utility/Economics Bot with many features
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JimBOT is a small Discord Bot offering many different commands to make Discord as easy as possible. Also, it’s open source!


Run <code>j.settings</code> to see a list of avaiable settings for your Server. You have many options to customize the bot for your Server, so that it is unique.


Contact the creator of the Bot at https://jimbot.xyz/contact


Donating would really help the developer (Jimbob#6969) of the bot out! https://jimbot.xyz/donate


JimBOT offers:

  • Fun/Meme commands
  • Image editing commands
  • Utility commands
  • Moderation commands (Not automod, unfortunately)
  • Maths commands
    And more!

View a detailed command list at https://jimbot.xyz/commands

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.