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Invite JS BOT to your server and enjoy its unique wallpapers, embeds, avatars, utilities and fun commands. Get the best out of JS BOT Discord Bot.

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JS BOT [>] Discord Bot Described:

A New and a Unique bot that gives you High Quality wallpapers for PC as wells as Mobile | Cool Embeds | Avatar | Utility | Many Fun commands such as joke, kill and many more...

Specially the Developer team of this bot created this bot in a very small time and gave features which couldn’t be added so fast. Without any errors or something.



Invite: Gives A Invite Link For Bot.
Support: Gives The support server invite link.
Botinfo: Gives The Bot’s Information.
Contact: You can contact the bot owner directly by this command.

Ahshit , Bruh , Coffindance , Dilwale , Doit , Nogod, Elevatormusic , Fbi , Gethelp , Heheboi , Illuminati , Jarvis , Mariojump , Maaromujhe , Nani , Nogod , Pattsehead , Twin

Wallpaper: Generates High Quality Wallpapers For PC and Mobile.
Joke: Gives A Random Joke .
Kill: Kills the mentioned user In A Funny Way .
Say: Says whatever you type .
Length: Shows The length of Text .
Embed: Makes An Embed .
Ping: Replies with Pong And Your Ping.
Av: Sends Your or Mentioned User’s Avatar .
Cat: Sends a random cat image.
Dog: Sends a random dog image.
Meme: Sends a random meme.
Pepe: Sends a random pepe image.
Urban: Gives you the meaning of word from urban dictionary.

Blur , Hitler , Invert , Jail , Kiss , Rainbow , Rip , Slap , Spank , Trash , Trigger , Wanted , Wasted

Announcement : Make a custom announcement to any channel in server.
Clone : Clones a channel or category with exact same permissions.
Docs : Search Discord.js Docs easily with just one command.
Mmode-on : This will on the maintanence mode i.e. will lock all channels.
Mmode-off : This will off the maintenence mode i.e. will unlock all channels.
Lock : Locks a specific channel so members cannot type.
Unlock : Unlocks a specific channel so people can resume typing.
Membercount : Will show you the current member count of your server.
Members : Show members having a specific role mentioned.
SetPrefix : Change prefix of the bot.
Role : Give specific role to humans, bot or everyone with this command.
Setnick: Will set a username of a user.

Userinfo: Tells Your or Mentioned User’s Information.
Roleinfo: Tells The Mentioned Role’s Information.
Serverinfo: Tells The Server’s Information.
Weather: Will Give you weather of the place mentioned.
Servers: Show you the count of servers in which bot is currently there.
Stats : Show you the overall statistics of developers PC.

Kick: Kicks a user from the server .
Ban : Bans a user from the server .
Hackban : Bans a user which is not in the server.
Unban: Unbans a user from the server.
Warn: Warns a user.
Warnings: Gives a list of warnings of a mentioned user.
Resetwarns: Clear all warnings of a user.
Clear: Will clear specific number of messages mentioned.
Slowmode: Will help you set slowmode of a channel by a single command.

Activity , Answer , Pvtstats, Uptime.

And many more exciting and unique commands to be added.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add JS BOT [>] Discord Bot to my server?

You can add JS BOT [>] to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add JS BOT [>] Discord Bot' on this page.

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